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Our Story

Born in the BMX scene but fueled by the passionate individual to become a reality.

The idea was simple; create a brand that supports those who have found that in which their life gives them purpose, that gives them happiness and that gives them peace in their mind – you might even call it their sanctuary since well, that’s what we do.

Photo: Cooper Brownlee                                                                 Photo: Cooper Brownlee
Founder Jax Anderson has been involved in the Australian BMX scene for over a decade and with absolute confidence knowing what BMX has given and continues to give him in his life, Sanctuary will be his way of giving back to the scene. What was realised early on through the brand development though, was that passion and happiness are simply not limited to BMX and that the even the individual rider can find sanctuary in other places like snowboarding, skating, surfing, photography and by simply creating or pushing their own personal boundaries, physically and mentally.

That’s whom we’re for. That’s why we exist.

Sanctuary is not for the uninspired, the non-passionate and the complainers.
If you feel that’s you, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Not to be limited to just apparel, Sanctuary has the longer term vision of creating and developing content highlighting the inspired and doing individual that will originate on our blog that will showcase their faces and stories of how they too came to know sanctuary in their everyday life.

Last but not least, as Sanctuary grows larger, so will the brands ability to give back. With goals of offering profit percentage funded road trips for the young BMX rider, running and sponsoring events across all sports and even creating printed material to inspire; the future for Sanctuary is truly large if you help it be so.

I hope you’ll join us on this journey to leave our mark and realise you’re not just purchasing an item of clothing; you’re purchasing everlasting inspiration to ensure that you too will find and embrace your very own sanctuary in this life.

And for that, we thank you.