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Lost & Found // The Street Series 2016 in Adelaide

Sometimes unearthing photographs you forgot about or that never even saw the light of day is even more exciting than the instant gratification that we receive from our iPhones or DSLR's, case in-point being these photographs from our trip to Adelaide in 2016 for Monster Energy's Street Series.

The trip itself all came together very last minute with Bevan Cowan, Matt Green and myself but I think I speak for both the boys when I say it ended up being one of the best trips we've ever had.

Seeing Adelaide for the first time, meeting some of our favourite pros, BSD's DVD premier for 'Transmission' and even learning hop bars under the influence of multiple Jack Daniel's; it's safe to say it was all we had hoped for and these were just a few of the memories caught on my cheap 35mm disposable.


Adelaide bound

DIG BMX's Fred Murray and Alex Donnachie on the ledge mid line

Mr. Donnasqueak himself 

Group shot at the first stop, City Square

If you've ever been to a street jam, you know mobbing the streets like this is actually the best part

The next spot ft. my camera's string handle

No shortage of BMX riders this day

It's hard to make out but this drop was one of the most insane things I've ever seen done on two wheels

Matty Green lacing this double peg first shot

Bevan clicking this ledge ride to turn down nice and proper

Matt Green with the number 1 ring bearer, Jack Kelly

Bevan with a cheeky wall ride for the camera

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