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Getting To Know // Brandon Carr

About These Interviews:

Finding out what makes inspired individuals tick is really important to us and is going to be a regular series on our blog here. We believe we’re all so fortunate to have our Instagram, Facebook and YouTube feeds filled with so much great visual content that it’s important to know what makes these individuals get up in the morning and do what they do as it’s always going to be so much more than what a simple Instagram profile will ever let us know, these interviews aim to do just that!


When deciding who would be the first to be featured in this series, we really didn’t have to think too hard. Brandon Carr was one of the first three dudes to support Sanctuary before it was even a full-fledged idea and was also one of the most encouraging to ensure this brand saw the light of day. Not only that, Brandon is responsible for 99.9% of the amazing visuals on this website, all our product shots, he rides hard and anyone who has met him can attest that he is an all-round great dude!

So with Brandon silently killing it on a BMX bike and recently on a skateboard to shutting it down behind a lens and with a thirst for adventure that not many possess; let’s find out what makes Brandon do what he does!

Alright bro, First things first, Name, Age and Location?

Brandon Carr, 19 years old and from the eastern suburbs of Melbourne

In my opinion, you’re pretty young but extremely motivated which I can guarantee you is not common in this day and age, why is that?

Haha thanks, I think I just hate being at home doing nothing. I usually only have one or two days off each week and I feel like I should be making the most of them, so that when I’m at uni or work I’m always looking forward to something or feeling stoked about something I’ve done.


We were lucky enough to meet through some mutual friends thanks to BMX, how long have you been riding for and what got you into BMX?

I’ve been riding for about 6-7 years now, I grew up in Ocean Grove and used to be right in to skating as a kid, then when I moved to Melbourne, I had less people to skate with, and was always off the board with knee and ankle injuries, and my dad got me into motocross, but I couldn’t ride all the time, so on weekdays I started taking my BMX down to the jumps on an empty lot near my house, and met a bunch of locals, and shortly after that the Shed Skatepark opened in Cranbourne, where I started spending ALL my time haha. I think The Shed and Berwick skatepark is where I met a majority of the good mates I have now.

BMX & photography tends to lead to travel; where so far in life has your bike and camera taken you and where would you like to see them take you in the future?

Since I got my license I’ve driven to every corner of Victoria with my camera, originally chasing abandoned buildings but more recently landscapes, mountains, beaches and waterfalls. I’ve had little trips to north QLD, Byron and Adelaide where I’ve shot a bit, and BMX has taken me to Canberra for ACT jam a few times which is always one to look forward to! I haven’t been overseas much, I’d love to ride and shoot in New Zealand, and definitely love to shoot Japan, the U.S, and Chernobyl one day.

Brandon Carr Table Knox


You have a definite skill behind the lens, how did you get started in photography and what do you believe has helped you become as talented as you are?

Thanks man! When I was younger I used to put together little BMX edits with my mates with an old camcorder, and got pretty into it so I upgraded to a DSLR to film on, and started using it to shoot photos whenever i was out and about and just started to find a real passion for all things cameras, now it’s just something I put heaps of effort and time into.

As you’re currently studying at Uni, photography is obviously a huge part of those studies, what do you want to do long term with your talents?

Well at the end of it I should have a bachelor of Film and TV, which I’m hoping will get me something in the way of filming Real Estate videos, or TV stuff, but my dream job would definitely be filming for someone like National Geographic and spending my life travelling around shooting the beautiful places that the world has to offer.

This one may be a bit dark but I wanted to get a bit real here, a young kid coming through and chasing your passions, what’s the biggest fear you hold right now surrounding that pursuit?

Honestly I just get scared that with the rapid progression of modern technology that the field I’m in won’t be needed anymore. I mean if someone can film a full HD stabilised video on their phone and edit it in an app, they’re less likely to want to fork out money for a professional filmer, but I guess that’s an issue with most industries these days, apps can do anything now haha.

Brandon Carr Cradle Carve

You’ve recently picked up a board and got into skating, how’d you get into that and do you think you would ever quit BMX to only skate?

Yeah! Well I’ve always missed skating because I loved it so much as a kid, and I’ve always had heaps of respect for skaters even riding BMX, because the way I see it if it wasn’t for skateboarding we wouldn’t have the hundreds of skateparks to ride BMX at. Plus with filming I always have a filming board in my car, and started playing around on that sometimes, which reminded me how much fun it is. I think that mixed with just meeting new mates who also skate, I decided to build a new set up and get back into it.

I think I’ll always ride BMX too though, I still love it and have so many mates in the BMX community, I have no reason to choose one over the other, it’s just two things I love doing!

Getting back to your level of motivation and dedication for your passions; who in the world inspires you on a daily to be a better rider, photographer or even person?

I think inspiration to ride comes down to people I know and ride with. The Focalpoint guys are always putting in work and never fail to impress me, and I tend to be more motivated by my mates than anyone else, Pat Freyne has been a big influence for me, and all the Berwick riders and local dudes killing it! For photography I think I’m inspired by most of the people I follow on instagram, Shane Thoms does some amazing work in abandoned spaces in Japan, every time i see his photos I get pumped to explore that stuff, and local adventurers like Daniel Johnson get me keen to go out adventuring and shooting more local beauties! And as a person I think any time someone has a sick attitude that leaves me in a happier mood or has a lasting impression on me definitely inspires me to be like that.

It’s hard to give any advice when you haven’t been doing something for 10+ years but for anyone reading this who wants to get into photography, especially landscape photography; what’s the best piece of advice you could give for someone who wants to get started shooting and improve their craft?

Honestly just shoot heaps. I look back at stuff i thought was good when I first started and I wouldn’t use it for anything now, and I’m sure I’ll look at my favourite shots from now in a few years and feel the same way. The more you shoot the more you learn from experience and find your own style that you like. Don’t worry about what other people’s work looks like either, just do what you like and there will always be people who agree with you.

Bradon Carr Knox Lookback

For the tech nerds, your current photography camera bag goodies and what’s your ideal set-up?

Currently i’m shooting on a Canon 6D. My most used lens would be my Canon 16-35mm F/2.8L II which is good for when I’m not sure what I might need, then I’ve got a Sigma 70-200 for landscapes, a canon 15mm fisheye for BMX and skate filming, and a Canon 50mm which is good for everything. Then i’ve got a basic Canon speedlight flash, a Rode Videomic Pro, a sturdy video tripod and a lighter photo tripod, a Glide Gear steadycam, homemade glide track that Micky Leighton gave me a few years ago, and a DJI phantom 3 pro for areal stuff!

I’m pretty happy with the kit I’ve built over the years, it does everything I need it to do and I’m super lucky with what I have so I’m quite content, but I suppose my dream set up would be a 5d mk III for photography and more L series lenses, and then a bigger camera for filming with more sturdy rigs and jibs, but I’m actually not that into all the new cameras and all that, I like things simple and easy as long as it works for me.

Getting back to your longer term vision, what are your 1 year, 5 year and 10 year goals?

1 year would be to continue with my course and hopefully pick up more freelance camera work, 5 year would be to have my foot in the door with the right people and hopefully in a filming job I enjoy as much as the stuff I shoot now, and experiencing as much of the world as I can. 10 years would be hopefully be in a comfortable position with a job I love and settled down and enjoying day to day life!

Any last words my man?

I just want to say how stoked I am to see Sanctuary coming together, I’ve loved the idea from the start, the designs are sick and I love the message you’re putting out! You’re killing it, I know you’ll continue to do so and I’m glad I could do my bit! Thanks for the opportunity!


As you can tell Brandon is an awesome and talented dude who I truly believe will succeed at his personal and professional goals. Be sure to keep up with his photography at @brandoncarrphoto on Instagram! 

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