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5 Australian BMX Riders We Want To See More Of

BMX in Australia is alive and well, that much I believe to be true. 

While I don't run a BMX shop and can't comment on the industry as a whole; especially with the possible closure of Dan's Comp not hinting at strength in the scene globally; I still feel confident saying the scene in Australia and all the riders in it are pushing themselves more than ever all for the love of 2 wheels.

With that said there is some serious talent in Australia that I personally feel we could all benefit from seeing more of. This is by no means a top #5 or myself just picking dudes I know well; this is simply a list I've made from my observations over the last couple years while out and about or online and wanted to make the world more of aware of these talented dudes.

Alright, lets get into it!

Mitchell Morris - Perth, WA

Mitch isn't a dude I know personally well but I did get to see the dude ride in person when the B6 crew came down to Melbourne to hang out for a quick minute earlier in the year and he stood out from the first trick I saw him do. It may have only been a bump, feeble hardway on one of the infamous IMAX ledges but from that one trick I knew Mitch had a style I was into. Fast-forward to July this year and Mitch drops this banger street video with tricks that not many would be messing around with which confirms to me Australia needs to see more of his riding.

Keep up with Mitchell's riding on his Instagram here.



Matthew Green - Melbourne, VIC

Alright, so Matty G is a real easy dude for me to comment on. I've had the privilege of riding with Matty first hand for at least 3-4 years and he's been a stand out from the first time I ever saw him ride at the last Flem banks jam and continues to impress with every session we have. With that said I really want to see Matty team up with a constant filmer and finally see a real street project see the light of day rather than seeing all his craziness end up on the gram.

Check out Matty on Insta here and his 2 clips in Focalpoint's 'Alive & Well' at 13 mins 26 secs which you know are heavy since one of them is a nose manual on a down rail...



James Pease - Melbourne, VIC

Jimmy is definitely gettin' a bit more shine time after becoming the King of Melbourne at this years Monster Street Series but I still think Jimmy has a lot more to come and is only just getting started. For those who haven't seen Jimmy ride; all I can say is that the dude is an absolute treat to watch and will put in an x-up in anything and everything with a smile on his face.

He's had some great clips in the recent CLVLND crew video below and after doing another Google search I'm confident in saying we're yet to see a proper solo video from the man and I definitely look forward to the day he drops one!

See more of Jimmy's crazy riding on his Instagram here.


Nathan Tyas - Sydney, NSW

Admittedly Nathan is someone I basically know nothing about, except for what can be learned on his interview here on the Focalpoint site back in 2016 of last year which by doing some basic maths leads me to believe he's 24 years old and that's where my knowledge ends.

But yeah, not wanting to be only biased to street riders, Nathan's riding caught my attention after that interview dropped and I checked out his Instagram feed to find it filled with exceptional tables and more style than most will ever have. Similar to Matt, I'd love to see Nathan team up with a legit filmer and bang out a proper video.

Check out Nathan's riding here on his Instagram here.


Indigo Hensgen - Mildura, VIC 

Indigo can fucking ride, straight up, the dude is an underrated beast. 
I'm unsure if he's from Mildura or Adelaide since he was riding with the ECC crew from Adelaide in the more recent times that I'm aware but regardless of that, Indigo just has a riding style that is quietly refined yet so beastly when the set-up allows.

The last edit I can find of Indigo is his 2014 edit post his car accident that left him with a broken neck and after giving it a re-watch I can confirm that it still goes so hard and keeps up with the current times. If Indigo is working on a new project which based on his Instagram he might be, I speak for all of Australia when we say we're keen to see what he's got install for us!

Check out Indigo's Instagram here.

Indigo Hensgen from Eat Children Crew on Vimeo.

Did we leave anyone off the list or do you have your own list you'd like to share? Leave it in the comments below! 

Cover photo credit: Kurt Teague

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