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10 Epic BMX Videos You Probably Missed In 2017

While I think DIG BMX did a great job on their top 10 list here and I honestly couldn’t argue with any of them, especially the number 1 choice being Simone Barraco (my absolute favourite rider), I do believe a HELL of a lot of talent from around the world has gone unwatched and this post is an attempt to fix that.

The criteria for the top 10 here (which is in no particular order, simply 10 dope videos) was that they copped under 50k or so views on their YouTube listing and deserve more exposure.

Common Crew Video - Lewis Mills

Lets kick this list off with Australia's own young gun, Lewis Mills. When this video dropped, I don't think any of us really knew what to expect but Lewis and Sydney filmer Ben Norris left the whole world in awe with the insanity that Lewis delivered; especially that NBD ender!

 All In Good Time - Stephan August

Moving over to America, Stephan August, more commonly known as @bootygroceries on Instagram dropped this epic piece in January. I think Stephan has a really dope style while keeping it smooth on the cassette. He's since moved onto Fit Bike Co. and I'm sure the next footage he drops will be just as heavy; if not heavier.

Welcome to Fit Bike Co / Merritt - Yumi Tsukuda’s videos 

You either love him or hate him, well his riding style that is. Yumi Tsukuda is the Horiegumi crew's biggest name on social and peg-chink lord. Yumi bumps, chinks, and grinds his way through Japan on some of the most unique spots that truly make his riding motivating and refreshing to watch!


California - Jack Kelly

Heading back home, lets look at the video that put our Number #1 rider out of commission, Jack Kelly's California video. While it only dropped a couple of weeks ago and could be a sign to why it's only copped a minimal 9k views, this video was banged out in as little as 2 weeks and is nothing but banger after banger - just more proof to why JK is the man.

 Balance - Joris Coulomb

Personally, I LOVED this video. I've always been a fan of Joris' tech style of riding so when I saw that he had a video dropping from a trip to India of all places, somewhere I don't think a BMX crew has ever ventured, I was very intrigued to see what eventuated. Safe to say it didn't disappoint with incredible spots, great tricks and a video that tells a story more than just stunts on a kids bike.

Tempered Dynasty Crew - Dylan Steinhardt

People in Australia are definitely aware of Dylan's talents but this video he dropped for Tempered really proved that he has more balls than most. The amount of deadly tyre rides Dylan does is simply incredible; especially his gap to manual on a round kinked rail; more of Dylan in 2018 will be welcomed.

La Cite Phoceenne - The French Connexion

Filmed and edited by France's best filmer and editor, Alexandre Valentino, this is a trip video with Nico Badet, Tom Deville, Justin Foque and Adrien Lecomte who all ride for brands under The French Connexion umbrella. Epic spots and scenery from Marseille that was all filmed perfectly, enjoy.

Full Speed Through Portugal - Corey Walsh

I feel 2017 has really been Corey Walsh's year. The dude started to really get some shine time in 2016 but the travel opportunities and videos really seemed to come out at a faster pace in 2017 and we're very fortunate because of it! Corey may not be the trendiest street rider running a coaster and 4 pegs doing tricks off everything but without a doubt Corey will go higher, faster and larger than anyone on whatever he rides.

FocalPoint - Alive & Well - Full DVD

What do I say, I think this FocalPoint DVD is seriously the most underrated DVD to drop in BMX in the last 5 years. You could argue I have personal bias but seriously, with banger sections by Jake Deering, Sean Falkenstein, Alex Bolton, Kym Grosser, Pat Freyne, Jack Kelly and not to mention the split and friend sections, this is seriously a work of art that everyone put 120% into. It's Cooper's first DVD since the last FP DVD 'Have Fun With It' and I truly do think it's his best work and how it didn't get more notice worldwide is beyond me.

Lightning for Breakfast - The Common Crew

And I'll be finishing this list on a crispy VX video thanks to the Common Crew. Lightning for Breakfast is a collaboration between the Common and Thank You crews from California. Ever since the Common Crew DVD dropped the world has paid a lot of attention to these guys but this crew mix they put together is seriously something else. The filming, editing and riding is all first class and nearly every other clip will leave you with your jaw on the floor.

 Do you agree?

Leave some comments below on your top 10!

Cover Photo Credit: Cooper Brownlee

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